Dieringer Law Group is committed to your Business Peace of Mind, helping to ensure that you are focusing on the growth and success of your business instead of worrying about sabotage by employment law claims. We provide practical assistance with personal concern, Dieringer Law Group uses their individual perspectives and years of experience to help you resolve your workplace problems and come away with the best possible outcome. With Dieringer Law Group, you get strength in your corner.


We can review and offer plans so that claims and court litigation may be avoided or reduced. We are available to provide SOLID LEGAL PREVENTIVE LAW POLICIES and practices to help protect your business.

Services include Employment Law Preventive Policies and Practices, Dispute Resolution Plans, Arbitration Agreements, Class Action Waivers, Pay Plans, Legal Audits, Industry Specific Legal Webinars, Customized Sexual Harassment Training, Management Training, and Harassment and Discrimination Investigations.

IF YOU WERE SERVED WITH A CLAIM, we can provide you with legal defense. EMPLOYMENT CLAIMS HAVE STRICT DEADLINES with serious consequences if you ignore them. So, if you receive a lawsuit or a letter from an attorney or any document from the Labor Commissioner, seek legal counsel immediately!

Services include defense of Discrimination, Harassment, Wage and Hour Claims, Wage claims, Labor Code claims, Private Attorney General Act (PAGA) claims, Class Action claims, Arbitration, Mediation, Employment Contracts, Severance Plans.


A NEW BREED OF PLAINTIFF-EMPLOYEE ATTORNEYS who are JUST LIKE AMBULANCE CHASERS are descending on the Southwest Riverside County Area, soliciting workers for claims against their employers and threatening lawsuits. Often, these attorneys are begging workers just like yours to sue you and your business for Class Actions or Private Attorney General claims. They often allege unpaid wages or overtime, missed meals or breaks, harassment, discrimination, or wrongful termination - and more! 

Many claims are found to have some merit after an attorney demand letter or lawsuit is filed - but by then it is often too late to take preventative legal measures. If a claim is brought against you, our plans would provide you the opportunity to assert sound affirmative defenses and allow us a much better opportunity to resolve claims out of court quickly and cost-effectively. You must decide and take the right steps before that claim or lawsuit is filed.


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