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I HIGHLY RECOMMEND their law firm

I am the office manager for a local attorney in Murrieta CA. Upon receipt of an unpleasant letter from an attorney, I contacted Jon Dieringer for advice. Dieringer Law Group represented me in a dispute with an employee, Jon and Rebecca Dieringer gave me advice and were always available to answer my questions.

During this difficult times, Jon and Rebecca gave me assurance and listened to my concerns, and looked into every detail mentioned that would help my case. Every time I had a question, Jon would site the law. I found Jon Dieringer very knowledgeable in the Labor Law Area.

I found Dieringer Law Firm fees reasonable. They worked with me with a payment plan that would fit my needs.

It is difficult to manage every move an employee makes being flexible with an employee and agreeing to an employee's requests did not worked for me. Being nice sometimes does not work.

Rebecca mentioned the importance of creating an employee handbook. The importance of employees to read and sign a handbook upon hiring. The importance of being firm with employees to unreasonable requests I always felt comfortable speaking with both Jon and Rebecca. Dieringer Law Group also created a Dispute Resolution Plan in the event there is an employee dispute.

Having an employee handbook now and a Dispute Resolution Plan has given me peace of mind. I highly recommend their law firm.

– Gina P.

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