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As good as it gets, in skill, service, and dedication.

When it comes to the professional world, there are three different types of people: people who you receive a bill from and hope they've done a good job, people who do incredible work provided that you can take care of them (and their bank account) first, and then once in a blue moon, you come across the professional who does incredible work and puts their clients' needs and situations above all else, and leaves you wondering "What did I do in life to deserve such a great attorney?" Rebecca is that attorney: the one who leaves you wondering how and why you've come to have such an exceptional person by your side.

I can truthfully say that Rebecca is as good as it gets, in skill, service, and dedication. Also, her willingness to go the extra mile in helping a good cause and good people is something that does not come standard in just about any attorney's job description, and can end up making all of the difference for you or your company. I say this because it has made all of the difference for us. It also speaks volumes about her own personal values and convictions.

Thank you Rebecca for becoming one of the most important people in my professional life!

– Dan Derebenskiy, President - Goparts.com

“Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”


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